"Supporting the Light"

2006 Malawi Bible Week

Held Oct'2006 in the Cuppen Hall
Fatima, Muona, Southern Malawi

500 village pastors and evangelists from Malawi and Mozambique attended

The day the bibles were presented only
12 of those attending the Malawi Bible Week had a bible of their own

It was our joy and privilege to present the bibles so willingly donated by the members of New Life Prestwick Scotland

The bibles were received with much joy & many hallelujahs. Women showed their appreciation with loud African trills. One ex soldier gestured his thanks by saluting!

All those who received a bible had registered on arrival, so the distribution took longer than anticipated but the time was well spent in reading God's Word

The New Life Bible Week had commenced on the Monday with a day of preparation. On Tuesday morning, the bibles were distributed and a number of seminars...

… continued until Saturday stressing the authority of God's Word, and the role of Pastors, Prayer, Praise, House Groups and Youth within the local church setting.

There was one outcome that was not planned for but was most encouraging. The dinning wall became a place of fellowship and denominational barriers fell down!

Pastors who had not spoken to each other before because they were from different denominations, discovered that they were "all one in Christ Jesus our Lord!"

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The logistics of
FEEDING THE 500... Body and Spirit!

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The journey to
the Bible Week Conference

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