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Mission Statement

We believe that we are called of God to serve, support and advance God’s people in their endeavours to take the Good News of salvation to the lost and to support those carrying the Light of God to a hungry and needy world.

The main aims of the ministry are

  • To support those carrying the Light of God out into world.

  • To be used of God to bring an increase in the flock.

  • To work and watch with God to see His word fulfilled.

  • By God’s grace, to see His work blossom, indicating His calling.

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Some notes on our name


SUPPORTING THE LIGHT - Ornate container for the olive oil that gave light to the tabernacle.

The light giving lampstand for the tabernacle had almond-shaped decorations. (Exodus 25:33-34).

INCREASE - Used as a means to increase the flock.

Jacob used the almond (KJV, “hazel”) as a breeding device to increase his herds. (Genesis 30:37).

GOD’S CHOOSING = Budding fruit-producing-growth that signified God’s calling.

Aaron’s rod miraculously produced ripe almonds, showing he and his tribe were the only chosen priests. (Numbers 17:8).

LIMITED TIME - Denoting greying hair that points to the certainty of approaching death.

The early-appearing white bloom of the almond apparently serves as a picture of the early-greying of a person’s hair, pointing the writer of Ecclesiastes to the certainty of death. (Ecclesiastes 12:5).

WATCHING FOR FULFILMENT - Jeremiah’s confirming ‘vision’ of his call and task to watch as God’s prophet until God’s word was fulfilled.

The early blossom meant for Jeremiah that the almond watched for spring and gave the prophet a wordplay on the almond (Hebrew, shaqed) and his task to watch (Hebrew, shoqed). (Jeremiah 1:11).

PEACE (or APEASEMENT) - Used as a gift to please.

Jacob sent almonds as one of the best fruits of the land to satisfy the Egyptian ruler. (Genesis 43:11)

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