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Supported Missionaries
National Workers


Working With Needy Children

Charlie & Veronica McGill , superintendents of The Muona Community Project, Malawi, manage the New Life centre in Muona village, Malawi.

The work ranges from PreSchool Nursery to a Seniors Club and gives the local youths, children and adults much needed sports facilities.


Peter Poole, is the directors of Abbas Rest Orphans a registered Scottish Charity No: SC 033166 caring for needy children in Southern Malawi.


Clive & Mary Beckenham, directors of New Life Homes Trust, UK Charity No. 1089334. Caring for abandoned and orphaned babies in Kenya, particularly those born HIV positive.


Mark & Mary Ritchie directors of Sefton Village, Philippines, working with orphans and needy children in residential care, preschool education and lots more. See Mark’s blogspot for all the latest information.

Sefton Village Info Video on YouTube

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Mission Organisation Websites

Leo (Maria) Leonardo, the director of Missão Transcultural Etnia, Brazil, working in the ministry of training & equipping of missionaries and pastors.
Also, in training for personal evangelism in English & Spanish through language courses such as 'Speak for Jesus'.


Gowan & Sarah Wheeler are UK AoG missionaries working in Vienna with 'Vision for Austria' and City Church, Vienna.


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Church Fellowship Websites

New Life Christian Fellowship, Prestwick, Scotland where their call to purpose is to Exalt, Equip and Evangelise in Prestwick and Beyond.
Not only is NL reaching out to the people of Prestwick but they are also reaching out Beyond their shores to the nations.
In resent years, they have been drawn to Malawi where in 2008 they started building a community centre to reach out to the people of Muona.


Cornerstone Community Church, Singapore is a website that we would recommend to you. CSCC has many excellent visiting speakers passing through and its first-rate audio-visual department produce a great viewing/listening experience. Follow the Video-on-demand link for a blessing.


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