"Supporting the Light"
2007: Malawi Bible Week

Once again we hired the Cuppen Hall in Fatima Parish, Muona, Southern Malawi for our New Life Bible Week Conference. In 2006 we brought together 500 village pastors and evangelist, this time, although 500 were invited, only 285 pastors registered for the meetings.

This did not discourage us as those who had come were excited to be there and keen to learn. As we were intending to do things differently this time – seminars in the morning and Malawian pastor lead studies groups in the afternoon, the smaller numbers made it more manageable.

Charlie, helped by Thom (our friend and brother from Abbas Rest Orphans), opened the week of meeting in the Malawian way, by acknowledging the various groups and allowing the pastors to introduce themselves.

The local area chief had come to the meeting and was asked to say a few words. After welcoming us, he took the opportunity to encourage the attendees to listen and learn and pointed out that some who attended in 2006 had died during the ensuing year!

We have learned from experience that some attendees have not yet been ‘born again’ and so the first day was spent seeking the Lord for cleansing, conversion and the in-filling of the Holy Spirit.

Many came forward for prayer and there was an obvious move of God’s Spirit across the gathering as Pastor Jim shared God’s word and lead all in prayer.

The guitar that George donated in 2006 was brought to the conference and it proved a blessing as we sang and worshipped the Lord together between the morning seminars.

Some young adults had grouped together as a choir and sang at the start of the meetings. We couldn’t understand their singing but they entertained us with their dancing!

On the second day of the conference we distributed the bibles and hymnbooks. This photo shows Pastor Jim shaking the hand of Pastor Harry, one of those who assisted with the afternoon study groups.

On this occasion we did not attempt to call each pastor out by name but simply lined them up, row by row, Charlie doing the stewarding and making sure things went smoothly.

Bibles having been distributed, Thom, who had been helping George, moved around the hall taking some photos.

Unfortunately, smiling of a photo is not common in Malawi but I can assure you that these bibles were appreciated!

After the morning seminars and lunch was over, the gathering separated into four groups – three groups finding shade under trees and Pastor Timothy’s group remaining in the hall.

Here Pastor Mutto (or as he interpreted his name for us – Pr. FIRE) heads up one of the groups as they study biblical principles.


Here we have Pastor Harry and his group reading the accompanying notes and finding the references in their new bibles... And last but not least, Pastor James and his group >>>>

The week had started with an attendance disappointment but we found that the times spent with the assisting pastors and the feedback from the afternoon groups proved encouraging and we considered the whole occasion a success. PTL!

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