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Supported Missionaries and National Workers of NLCF

'...continually praying for all the saints.' Eph 6:18


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... Info Updated as at 20th July 2012 ...

1) Charlie McGill, a New Life member, now working as their centre superintendent and as a missionary worker to Malawi and Mozambique.

2) Pastor Timothy, Christina, & Hannah, NL's national worker, working as pastor of New Life Church Muona, Malawi and in Mozambique.

3) Norman and Lista Nickason (& Mbwemi), returned to the UK after their one year committment was up and are now living in Northhampton. (go to FB link)

4) Mark Ritchie from Nottingham, working as an Evangelist in the UK and North America. (go to website)

5) Annette, working with orphan children in North Africa.

6) Mark & Mary Ritchie, (Lydia & Josiah) returned to the UK in 2012 and are heading up a new project in Swansea (go to FB link)

7) John Chilokoteni no longer works for New Life Centre.

8) Maria Leonardo, director of Missão Transcultural Etnia, Brazil. (go to website)

9) Pastor Peter & Anne Chege, (Joy & Andrew) working in Kenya with NLHT & Barnabas Ministries. (go to link)

10) Gowan & Sarah Wheeler, (Reuben, Kaden & Jasmine) working in Vienna with 'Vision for Austria' and Life Church, Vienna. (go to website)

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