"Supporting the Light"
2008: NL Centre Muona

Project 2008

undertaken by New Life, Prestwick, Scotland.

To build a community centre for the people of Muona, Malawi and to use local people
to staff and run it for the benefit of the community.

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New Life Centre - June 2008

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'The warm heart of Africa'

The Road to Muona...

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The Location - Malawi

Landlocked Malawi is among the world's least-developed countries, with 54 percent of the country living below the poverty line. The economy is predominately agricultural.

Malawi is one of the countries worst affected by the AIDS epidemic, with almost 16 percent of the adult population infected, resulting in lower life expectancy, higher infant mortality and death rates.

Malawi's infant mortality rate is exceptionally high, at 121.12 per 1000 live births, while the life expectancy of 37.08 years is among the lowest in the world.

MUONA is located south of Blantyre city; about a three hour drive. Depending on the season, wet or dry, it is approximately one hour by the main trunk road heading to Nsanje and two hours on a dirt road that skirts the hills from where lots of water flows during the rainy season. Many parts of the road are frequently washed away!

The Purpose

The New Life Centre is being built in one of the southern most parts of Malawi. It is a three and a half hour drive from the nearest city which is Blantyre. Although Blantyre is not the capital, it is the main commercial and industrial centre of Malawi and it is the closest place to Muona for banking and other commercial purchases.

Muona and surrounding villages have a population of approximately 55 thousand. Muona is in the Fatima Parish and has the only hospital in the region, Trinity Hospital. The Fatima Parish also has a nursery school, primary schools, two secondary schools and a college of nursing & midwifery.

The centre will operate Monday through Sunday with many different community projects. These will include – morning nursery facilities, a mother and toddler group, four youth clubs, a senior citizen’s group with concluding meal and a teaching facility for further education.

The centre will have a playing field to encourage sports involvement, and toilet and shower facilities to promote hygiene and healthy living. There is no broadband internet connection in Muona (the hospital admin has to make do with dialup) and no structured local council facilities, so football is a large part of many young people’s lives.

Our aim is to use the centre to bring some needed recreation into the lives of the young, to improve the outlook of the old and to influence the village of Muona for good.

New Life Centre, Muona, Malawi

Centre Site Dimensions and Layout

The site is 1.7 acres in total area. Its east - west roadside dimension is 72 metres and it runs north for 107 metres. An area at the rear of the property has been designated as a sports field and measures 30 x 55 metres. 60,000 bricks have been used to build a wall around the site, up as far as the sports field at the rear of the property.

The centre is 21 x 18 metres with a main hall dim of 15 x 18 metres. Along the east and west walls there are 3 rooms designated as - 2 stores rooms, 2 bedrooms, 1 class rooms, and 1 office.

There are plans to send a married couple to manage the project and so a superintendant’s house is also being built within the grounds.

John (caretaker), Maggie, Julius, and Rodily

New Life's National Workers
Pr. Timothy, Christina and Hannah

New's Life Associated Pastor

Planned Centre Activities

* Youth clubs * Nusery * Life skills classes * Mother and toddler group *
* Senior citizen’s group * Women's Groups * Midweek study Group *
* New Life Muona with Pastor Timothy Muyang’anira *


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