"Supporting the Light"


A note about this song...

I remember well the occasion on which this song was written. I was in Curitiba, Brazil and was lodging in an apartment owned by the friend who was hosting me there. It was a cold wet evening and I was sitting on a little stool with a blanket around me to keep warm (yes, in Brazil!).

My travelling companion, Steven, had returned to Scotland and sitting there, on my own listening to the rain, there didn’t appear much to praise the Lord for! Nevertheless, I determined to praise the Lord for all He had already done and so I strapped on my guitar and launched off into worship in my favourite worship chord – Em.

As sometimes happens while worshipping the Lord on these special times, I heard the words being sung and thought that they would make a good song, so I quickly got a pen and wrote down what I had sung. Before long, I had three verses, a chorus, and the despondency that had threatened my peace, soon lifted as I continued worshiping in the Spirit.

The recording used here is a live unedited recording with many mistakes and flaws but it carries the fervour and enthusiasm of live worship.

If you would like to use it in your church services, please click HERE for a guitar chorded version. Please note that layout of the verses is not the standard format.

We would love to hear from you if you decide to use this song in your worship service.

I hope that you enjoy it!

Thank You,




Come before the Lord our God


Come before the Lord our God.

Come before Him now.

Come before the Lord our God.

Come before Him now.

Verses: 1

Come bow down to worship.

Come bow down to praise.

Come bow down to worship,

Holy is His name!

Verses: 2

Bring your songs of worship.

Bring your songs of praise.

Bring your songs of worship,

To glorify His name!

Verses: 3

Give Him all the glory,

Give Him all your praise.

Give Him all the glory.

Who conquered sin and death!


Come before the Lord our God,

Come and worship now.

Humbly bow on bended knee,

Worship… Je…sus now…


George Ballance © 2003
New Life Prestwick,

Copyright 2007 (c) Almond Ministries