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This song was composed especially for A Missão Transcultural Etnia, Brazil to be used in their...

'Speak for Jesus'
Curso Intensivo de Inglês.

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Arise and speak for Jesus

Chorus 1:

Arise and speak! Arise and speak!

Christ is listening now above,

Arise and speak for Him Who saves you,

Saves you by His blood.

Chorus 2:

Speak for Jesus, He’s the Saviour for the world

Speak for Jesus, your constant Friend.

Speak for Jesus, tell the world about His love

Arise and speak, speak out in Jesus’ name. 

Verse 1.

Speak for Jesus; Who has saved you,

raised you up from sin and death;

Use for Him the life He gives you;

speak out some precious soul to win!

Speak for Jesus; with this confidence,

we can go before His face;

He will take our mouths and fill them,

with the message of His grace.

Verse 2.

Speak for Jesus; let His Spirit

tell you what to do and say;

Stand-up and gladly own you’re Saviour;

let your light shine out today!

Speak for Jesus Christ your Saviour!

Tell of His mercies ever new.

Pleading, on His throne in glory,

He is speaking now for you.

George Ballance © 2007
New Life, Prestwick,
Scotland, KA9 2PA
Link to hymn by Eliza E. Hewitt... Based on a hymn by:
Eliza E. Hewitt,
circa 1910

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