Tanzanian Children from Morogoro, Makambako, Njombe & Kilimanjaro

Missions to the Homeless Children, Morogoro
Eleanor with some of the kids. MHC
Pastor Jim... Mr. Simba... Mrs Simba. MHC

Eleanor with more of the kids! MHC

Wave for the camera ;o)... MHC

Happy faces :) MHC
Charles with the kids. MHC

MCH child waves for the cameraman ;¬)

Baby minding starts early here.

Bethel children with Eleanor

Sunday School kids at BRT Morogoro

Pr. Jim with school kids in Makambako

Pr. Matthew with school kids in Makambako

School kids in Makambako
Sunday School kids singing and dancing in Njombe
Sunday School kids singing in Njombe

Sunday morning service TAG Kilimanjaro

Sunday service with Pr. Lukas TAG Kilimanjaro


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